Need an uber-cool destination 
for your next playdate? 

Gather your friends for a bespoke NUBO experience!
At NUBO we empower families to explore + create + grow together, and 
our new playdates are testament to our love of play.

A tailored + immersive experience, the playdates bring parents, grandparents or 
nannies together for the ultimate journey through play.  With a creative workshop, explorative adventures and super yummy baked treats included, you won't want to miss out! 

This experience is perfect for those with kids aged 6mths - 2yrs.
Spread the word, gather your friends together (we recommend 5-10 
children plus a grown-up each), and book your spot!

Learning through play

We tap into little one’s learning powers at this crucial stage of their development and have curated our activities so they are educational yet delivered through magical fun! This allows the child to freely learn by observing family + social life the way we see it in a relaxed + engaging way. We hone in on the importance of open-ended ‘structure’ to explore at a child’s own pace and learning stage.

Story time

Enjoy your very own story + rhyme time (our mindful moment) where imaginations soar and little ones will experience a tale come alive!

Explorative Play

Build, slide, climb, role play + let loose to show off physical and social skills with the rest of our NUBO village, not to mention burning off all that kid energy!

Creative learning 

Cognitive + sensory skills come alive in a 30min painting/sensory workshop guided by our super awesome Educators, who together with you and your little ones will get creative.

Hurry Hurry!
Our playdates are only running until July 5th 2019

Countdown Ended

So how do I sign up?

1. Choose your group size

2. Choose your NUBO location

3. Pick your creative workshop

4. Check available days + times 
via the Sign Me Up button below.

1. Choose your group size

2. Choose your NUBO location

3. Pick your workshop option


A fully immersive (and messy) workshop! The senses will be ignited as bubs freely create masterpieces using fingers, brushes and other mediums, deepening their fine motor skills and understanding of colours and shapes. This workshop is extra special as bubs truly express themselves with no restrictions on what they can touch and create– and parents/carers can walk away knowing we are here to tidy up after!





A sensory experience for those perhaps with younger bubs, we explore a variety of stimuli through music, movement and singing. Great for working on little one’s sense of self and developing their own unique rhythm and body movements. Parents/carers will love seeing little ones create new moves and gain a stronger sense of self before their very eyes!
  • FAQ's

    Are these playdates 
    suitable for us?

    Playdates are best for those aged 6mths – 2yrs. We will give you, the parents/carers, some great inspiration on ideas to extend your learning and be creative at home too.  We have the perfect combination of offerings that ensure all senses - sight, taste, smell, touch and sound - are ignited during your playdate.
    Don’t worry if you have a super-little one (under 1 yr), our activities have been carefully designed to cater for any age group. All our materials we use in our workshops (particularly art) are non-toxic and safe for bubs and we tailor our activities and techniques to each appropriate age range.

    Love what you see? Great :)